3 Steps to Insurance Claims

A well-handled claim should be a worry-free process.

Over the years Toucan Roofing has dealt with hundreds of insurance claims and weve developed a straightforward system to help you.

Step 1.
Verify Roof Damage through Professional Inspection

If you suspect that your roof has been damaged by a storm or other disaster, its important to have a contractor or other professional verify the extent of the damage.

Step 2.
Contact Insurance Company

Once your roof damage has been assessed, either you or your contractor will contact your insurance company to provide details and set up a time to meet with the insurance adjuster. During the in-person meeting, the scope of the work and funding needed will be discussed. Toucan Roofing will be happy to handle your entire claim from start to finish or simply to be a sounding board to help ensure you make the right decisions.

Step 3.
Verify Details and Roofing Work Begins

It is important to verify all details with your roofing contractor prior to beginning work; including cost and roofing material selection (color). Your insurance company will most likely pay you directly and then you will pay your roofing contractor. We guarantee to professionally install your new roof as per insurance company pricing and specifications.
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